Sep 01 2008

I Hate, Therefore I Am

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It is clear to anyone paying attention to the Presidential race that a primary strategy being employed by the Obama campaign is to establish political equivalence between George Bush and John McCain. The Democratic candidate often repeats that a vote for McCain is a vote for 4 more years just like the last 8 years. The daily drumbeat is to fix in the minds of voters this simple equation, Bush=McCain.

The thinking behind this effort is fairly obvious. Bush is despised by the Left. McCain is like Bush. Therefore McCain should be despised as well.

Where did this hatred for Dubya come from? Why is he the object of such revulsion and animosity? The obvious answers are things like the 2000 election, the war in Iraq, the housing slump, high gas prices, hurricane Katrina, “global-warming”, Dick Cheney, “connections” to Big Oil, etc, etc, etc.

But I think the source of “Bush-loathing” goes a little farther back and is helpful in pointing out one rather significant difference between liberals and conservatives. I believe the genesis takes us to Bill Clinton.

Clinton did and said some things while in office that were considered pretty despicable by many people. They do not need to be reiterated here, no one has forgotten Monica Lewinski et al. But as a result of despicable actions he came to be despised by many, especially conservatives. But for those who did (and do) have contempt for Bill Clinton, it was because he earned it.

Enter George W. Bush. From day one he has been despised by the Left. At the time Bush took office I almost had the feeling  liberals (and their mainstream media shills) were saying, “OK, now we’ll show YOU how to detest a president!” But the difference is this. Because he was despised by the Left at the outset, EVERY action he has undertaken, seen through those lenses is considered to be despicable. Bush didn’t have to earn it, it was waiting for him when he got there and it has been that way for 8 years.

John McCain is NOT George Bush (yes, I’ve seen them together). But he does share one thing with Bush without even being elected – utter contempt from the Left. And like Bush, he won’t have to lift a finger, it will simply be bestowed upon him.

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3 Responses to “I Hate, Therefore I Am”

  1. harmonicminer says:

    This is well-illustrated today by the behavior of some left-leaning websites, and some main-stream media organs in reporting on those websites, regarding the unplanned pregnancy of Gov. Sarah Palin’s daughter.

    Some vile lies were told, which I won’t dignify by reporting in detail, or linking (I don’t want to build the web-traffic for cretins), but suffice to say that there is simply no parallel behavior from the right when misfortune befalls a Democrat. And if some cretin DID say such things from the right, the main-stream media would not report it in anything other than scathing terms, unlike the wide eyed “open mind” they seem to have kept about the crazy stories made up about Gov. Sarah Palin’s family.

  2. harmonicminer says:

    The Reuter’s story that pretends shock at what was done to the Palin family by leftist media.

  3. amuzikman says:

    Sadly there is no shortage of examples on this topic. The invective being spewed about Gov. Palin’s daughter is unfortunately just the most recent. But the liberal perspective usually includes a secular humanist view – man as god and all morality is “relative.” Thus having no moral compass of their own they can only stand and point fingers at both real, perceived, and conjured up missteps of those who do.

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