Sep 01 2012

Out of touch

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Almost immediately after the SEAL TEAM SIX raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, the Obama narrative has been how courageous the president was in ordering the raid, what firm resolve he showed, blah endless blah. Obama’s tame press supporters have aided and abetted this travesty of the reality of command. Bill Clinton, that stalwartly intrepid former Commander in Chief who couldn’t find the nerve to take the opportunities he had to kill bin Laden in the 1990s, praised Obama’s courage in a recent Obama campaign ad.

Needless to say, families of killed special forces operatives were incensed at the self-absorption of Obama and his minions, and made the following short video in response.President George W. Bush always lionized his troops. He did not talk about the “risks” he was taking as commander as if they compared in any way with the risks to life and limb taken by the troops.  In behaving this way, GWB was reflecting the tradition of American commanders, which is always to shine the light on the risks taken and sacrifices made by the troops, and not on themselves, since George Washington himself.  Can you imagine George Washington printing a pamphlet lionizing himself for having commanded the troops into the battle for Philadelphia, or Yorktown?

Obama can only dream of being so classy…. except that I doubt he dreams of it, because it doesn’t occur to him.

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  1. tonedeaf says:

    What you fail to realize is that he was speaking of political risks.

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