Jan 26 2011

Obama & Hu – The Cliffnotes Version

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OBAMA: (bowing) Welcome Chairman Hu. We welcome a new season of cooperation between our countries.

HU: Your country is washed up.  You are all a bunch of has-beens.

OBAMA: We are here to make your visit as special as we can. Just ask and it is yours.

HU: I want no questions from the media

OBAMA: We’d really like China to buy a bunch of our stuff.

HU: Sure, We’re buying it with your money anyway.

OBAMA: China needs to improve in the area of human rights.

HU: Yeah, so….?

OBAMA: China is unfairly manipulating the value of its currency.

HU: Yeah, so…?

OBAMA: this has been an historic visit.

HU: You really don’t know who you are dealing with, do you?

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  1. JC says:

    Dead on….the funny thing is (as you probably realize)…that is pretty much the truth.

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