Jan 19 2011

It’s only murder if you kill in certain places and certain ways; otherwise, it’s just medical care

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Philadelphia abortion doctor charged with murder

An abortion doctor killed hundreds of babies by cutting their spinal cords with scissors after removing them from mothers late in their pregnancies, prosecutors said on Wednesday.

Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams charged Dr. Kermitt Gosnell, 69, and nine associates with eight counts of murder, following a year-long investigation by a grand jury, whose report was unveiled on Wednesday.

The defendants are charged with first-degree murder in the cases of seven babies for which there is substantial evidence, Williams said.

Hundreds of other babies are likely to have died in Gosnell’s West Philadelphia clinic, which he operated from 1979 to 2010, Williams said.

A third-degree murder charge stemmed from the death of a mother who died from an overdose of anesthetics, he said.

“My comprehension of the English language can’t adequately describe the barbaric nature of Dr. Gosnell,” Williams said at a news conference.

Gosnell and his associates were arrested without incident on Wednesday, and Williams said he may seek the death penalty for Gosnell.

He said Gosnell’s clients, many of whom were poor, were charged $325 for a first-trimester abortion and between $1,625 and $3,000 for an illegal abortion after 24 weeks.

Under the law, it make a huge difference if the baby is killed in the womb, or out.   If the “medical doctor” in this story had simply been more careful to kill the babies in the womb, instead of after getting them out, he’d be in no legal jeopardy whatsoever, other than perhaps for his carelessness in getting one of the mothers dead.  Hey “Doc”, you should have stuck the scissors in and done the spinal cord snipping while the baby was still in the womb.

Just to get a feel for things in Pennsylvania (not so different from other states), here are a couple of links.

If you’re under 18, and want to get an abortion without your parents’ consent or knowledge, here is how to do it in Pennsylvania, where “So far, in Pennsylvania, the judges have never said no to anyone.”

Here’s an especially nice touch:

Special Arrangements

Allegheny Reproductive Health Center will handle arrangements for cremation after pathology. A small memento of your choice can be included in with the baby at the time it is sent for pathology. If you wish, you can receive a special memory packet which contains a copy of the ultrasound report if you do not have one, online and printed materials, and a little memento to take home with you. It is our hope that you and your loved ones feel comfortable and cared for while at ARHC. If there is anything else we should know or can do to make your visit easier, please let us know.


Traditionally, particularly in many Western faiths, there have been no rituals or ceremonies or prayers written to connect God’s love and mercy to women’s experience of pregnancy loss.  Fortunately, today much work has been done to address this need.  New prayers, rituals and ceremonies have been created and are available to help women and their families honor their loss, name their grief, and find solace in the warmth of family, friends, and their faith community.

Did you get that?  They actually called the killed human child a “baby”, not a “product of conception”.  After you pay a “doctor” to murder your baby, you can be all touchy-feely and warm and have a nice memento (baby booties?  Ultrasound photos?  A picture of “mom”?) burned to ashes along with the baby’s corpse.  And from the sound of the paragraph above, it looks like you can do anything from taking communion to having a nice wiccan ceremony, to commemorate your decision to kill your child.  We certainly want to be supportive, don’t we?

And here’s a nice list of late term abortion clinics around the nation, from abortion.com.

I wonder how many of the aborted babies were black?   I don’t think there is too much doubt about what Martin Luther King, Jr. would have thought about this.