Jun 03 2008

The Left at Christian Universities part 1

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I will be starting a series of posts on “the left” at Christian universities. It is widely assumed, I think, that most Christian universities are made up of faculty with a right-leaning tilt. While that’s certainly true for some, it is not nearly true for all, and the trend-line is definitely leftward.

There are several dynamics at work in this. Over the next few weeks, I’ll try to unpack my ideas about this, based on many years in the Christian academy, and some research I’ve been doing into trends at various institutions.

I promise, there will be something to offend nearly everyone.

For now, I will say that two clear signs of the leftward move are the creation of administrative posts to promote “diversity”, and a more-or-less uncritical acceptance of the standard environmentalist narrative, particularly anthropogenic global warming.

But we’ll talk.

UPDATE:  Part 2 of this series here.

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3 Responses to “The Left at Christian Universities part 1”

  1. Christopher The says:

    Looking forward to this, Shack. I have some vested interest in the topic, since my internship responsibilities at APU are marginally tied to the Office of Diversity Planning and Assessment. Should be fun.

  2. harmonicminer » The Left at Christian Universities part 2 says:

    […] The Left at Christian Universities part 1, I briefly introduced the observation that many Christian colleges and Universities seem to be […]

  3. Michael Bauman says:

    I look forward to reading your series, especially if it sheds light on the unresisting leftward drift in the Christian academy, aping as it does nearly every subversive cultural trend that comes down the pike.

    Christian colleges and universities seem too often to have struck the devil’s deal with both secularism and government: “If you promise to call me a scholar, I promise not to mention God” (regarding the former) and “If you let me feed at the Federal trough, I promise to let you control what I teach, who I hire, who I enroll and how I do my business” (regarding the latter).

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