Dec 16 2012

On Guns, government funded universal healthcare, and “caring for the children”

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In April of 2009, before the Obama/Reid/Pelosi jamdown on taking over the US healthcare system, I posted this article on the real causes of death (and the the most expensive demands for healthcare) in children, teens and young adults.  When you read it, it will be obvious to you that I didn’t know that Obamacare was going to become law.  But the same issues were under discussion then as now:  what constitutes really “caring for the children”?  And what will make the most difference in improving the health outcomes for children/teens/young adults, especially in reducing unnecessary death and traumatic injury?

I see nothing in the original post that requires editing, and I present it again for your attention.

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  1. kdippre says:

    The latest statistic I have heard about the availability of guns is that there are roughly 200 million in circulation in the U.S. It is unrealistic to even contemplate confiscating them or collecting them. Probably a thorough discussion of strategies for keeping guns out of the hands of disturbed individuals in is order. Can “privileged” information somehow be shared with law enforcement? Can we get around the FERPA regulations? I think that most people are so intimidated by these monoliths of protection that usually nothing gets reported. So, can a different, and tolerable, paradigm be developed somehow? I think that we are capable of doing so without outlawing all guns (which is fundamentally impossible anyway).

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