Jul 27 2009

The Dangerous Conservatives

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It’s popular to view so called “right-wingers” as nuts with guns and bad attitudes, not really suitable for polite society, probably unstable and dangerous.  From the panicky news coverage given to the murder of a late-term abortionist, to the Napolitano Homeland Security Office labeling conservatives as possible terrorist threats, to lies about how many US firearms make it to Mexico for use in the murderous drug wars,  the general feeling is that conservatives are just barely holding themselves back from mass murder….  and that’s on a good day.

So, for the innumerate among you, a little analysis.  First, some raw numbers.

America is now estimated to have between 238 million and 276 million firearms, compared with some 250 million legally owned guns, or 84 for every 100 people, recorded in a July 2001 survey.

This survey is a bit old.  There are now lots more guns in civilian hands in the USA.  In fact, there’s been something of a boom in gun sales since the 2008 elections.

It seems likely that a disproportionate number of firearms are in the hands of conservatives.  Given that a great many people own more than one firearm, there are likely a very large number of liberal-left folks who own none (although the rich ones hire bodyguards who are armed…  and are probably conservatives), while probably a majority of conservatives do own guns of some kind.

Let’s say, just for a talking point, that 50 million conservatives in the USA own guns, or have easy access to them in their households.

When was the last time you heard of a liberal/left government official of any kind, whether elected or appointed, who was murdered by a conservative with an agenda, using a firearm?  If conservatives are just angry people looking for an excuse, they certainly have the means.  If just a thousandth of a percent of conservative gun owners are looney-tunes crazy enough to shoot a lefty politician, that would leave 500 crazy, roaming Rambos, each one with blood in his eye and a round in the chamber.

I was just wondering.  Did they all miss?  Did they all take a shot and miss and get arrested?  Did the major media (with it’s well-known reticence about saying negative things regarding conservative gun owners) just fail to report it?  Were they all mistaken for ex-lovers of the lefty/lib politicians they shot at, and therefore ignored?  (After all, dog bites man isn’t news, is it?)

I dunno….  but IF the folks I saw out on the range last week wanted to shoot themselves a commie pinko gay-loving taxing/spending multi-cultural  baby-killing global warming socialist, I don’t think they’d be likely to miss.  Those conservative folks may be ignorant, selfish, bigoted and gap-toothed, but they can hit what they aim at, usually more than once, even if their drive-bys involve shooting from the back of a 1962 Ford pickup the color of primer.

If there were 500 of them (or just one!) out looking to kill a lefty tonight, it would show up on the news tomorrow.  I’m thinking that while some of them may have considered it, just about none of them would do it…  because, unlike the Left, they actually believe in right and wrong, and divine judgment.

So, lefty/libs everywhere, some advice.  Better stop accusing conservatives of the thing they almost never do.  Better stop accusing them of conspiring to murder the righteous redistributers of wealth.

First, it’s not true.  And second, you wouldn’t want to give them ideas.

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  1. Tom says:

    Right on my brother gap-tooth!!!

  2. enharmonic says:

    Spoken like a true right-wing redneck. I love it!

  3. Tom says:

    I was reflecting of some comments I made to a very good friend of mine this evening at church about protecting the United States Constitution and it dawned on me that before I am a Conservative, I am a Christian; as such, I must remember that God is in control. God tells us through His scriptures to submit to those placed in authority over us (Romans 13:1-7) and not to worry about things (Matthew 6:25-34). A Christian Conservative will do as God instructs even though the “flesh” says otherwise. That’s the difference between Conservatives and Leftists.

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