Jul 23 2009

More Inconvenient Truths About “Diversity” on College Campuses

Category: diversityamuzikman @ 9:00 am

From admissions polices, to retention studies, to course offerings, to degree programs, most, if not all colleges and universities are making a concerted effort to achieve “diversity”.  But when one strips away all the rhetoric, the posturing, the prefixes, the suffixes, the self-righteousness, and the good intentions, what’s left  is no more or less than a manipulation of numbers based on race.  How many students of this color and how many students of that color.

In Ward Connerly’s recent essay the latest racial-manipulation admissions plan of the UC regents is revealed, along with some startling information about what may lie behind the changes being made.  Read it all – it isn’t long.

Sadly I must wholeheartedly agree with Connerly.  The goal of most universities is not to be color-blind  It is to be color-coordinated…and white is definitely not in fashion.

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