Sep 30 2008

Grounding the F22: if you don’t build them, they can’t be shot down

Category: militaryharmonicminer @ 2:40 pm

You can practically see Putin smiling as he reads in Pravda that the USA’s next president is likely to be a penny-pinching commander-in-chief.

The next U.S. president, John McCain or Barack Obama, is expected to be a penny-pinching commander in chief when it comes to buying new military weapons. And that’s bad news for the Air Force’s push to buy scores more F-22 Raptors, a supersonic jet fighter built to dominate enemy airspace.

Putin probably planted the article….  which doesn’t mean it won’t be true, especially if we still have a Democrat Congress.

Personally, I’d rather own an F-35 VTOL craft; better commuter vehicle, doesn’t need a landing strip.  And besides, then I’ll be able to do something about it when the Russians invade the USA via Mexico after staging in Venezuela, with help from the Chinese in Panama and Cuba.