Jun 17 2008

Maybe the entire EU polity is not a moral black hole

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The EU member governments, especially the old-line EU (as opposed to the newer entrants from the former Soviet block), seem to practice an extreme form of moral equivalence more often than not.  In particular, they have been irrationally hostile to Israel, the only representative, liberal democracy in the middle east (excepting Turkey, which is getting less liberal all the time, and Iraq, which is embryonic at best).

The EU parrots so much Arab propaganda about Israel that I’m sure Israeli officials are frequently pretty frustrated.

So, a bit of good news.  It seems that the EU is actually going to upgrade the quality of its contacts and relationships with Israel.

The European Union, turning aside Palestinian objections, has announced upgraded relations with Israel in the form of a range of steps involving commerce, the economy, and academic ties as well as improvements in the diplomatic dialogue between the sides.

Perhaps it has finally sunk in that Israel simply moved out of Gaza, and the rocket attacks increased, Hamas was elected, and so on.

One wonders if the EU officials finally lifted up their blindfolds, just a tiny bit, and saw something they previously could pretend not to know.

Maybe this is a beginning. 

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