Aug 30 2008

News Flash: Sarah Palin Should Disqualify Herself!!!

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Is she in the pocket of \

It is the opinion of this writer that Sarah Palin should immediately withdraw from the Republican ticket and no longer be considered for the office of Vice President!

I have it on good authority she has ties to Big Fish. In fact evidence seems to point to an “evil trinity” – ethically questionable dealings over the last few years involving Ms. Palin, Joseph Hazelwood, and Charlie Tuna! And why are so many copies of The Little Mermaid sold in Alaska? Shouldn’t there be an investigation? Under the guise of ending dependency on foreign bait I think Ms Palin and her willing accomplices in Big Fish are trying to run up the price of nightcrawlers and salmon eggs. If she becomes Vice President you can kiss the government Valveeta Cheese program good bye! Then how will the poor afford to go fishing? Is this the kind of compassion we want from our government?

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