Jan 02 2013

If only I were a little smarter…

Category: taxesamuzikman @ 11:59 am

I recently had a conversation on Facebook with a very bright young man.  The topic was taxation.  I made the comment (half tongue-in-cheek) that if taking more in taxes from the rich is better, then taking everything from the rich must then be best.  He ridiculed me for saying something so clearly ignorant and then proceeded to teach me about the relationship between income and taxation, how it was not a continuum but that there were optimal points of balance at which the right amount of government revenue was taken in taxes, while still maintaining a healthy, growing economy.  I replied to his instruction with a simple question:  Why is it, according to the political left, that these “optimal” points of balance ALWAYS involve the government taking more?

Apparently he either missed seeing my question or decided I was simply too ignorant to merit an answer, because I never got one.  On second thought he was probably busy, back on Facebook proclaiming the colossal ignorance of all conservatives.

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