Aug 21 2012

What’s a human being?

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Canadian Medical Association: babies not human until after birth

The largest association of doctors in Canada, in an attempt to stonewall a looming abortion debate from being unleashed, voted yesterday to support the wording of the country’s Criminal Code which states that a baby becomes a “human being” only after being born. Pro-life doctors and leaders have condemned the move as ‘shameful’, ‘unethical’, and ‘defying parody’. Delegates to the Canadian Medical Association’s annual general council voted on the motion so as to prevent what they called a “backdoor” attempt to reopen the abortion debate. They voted to pass, says a CMA report on the meeting, “a resolution supporting the current wording of the Criminal Code which states that a child ‘becomes a human being within the meaning of this Act when it has completely proceeded, in a living state, from the body of its mother…’” Canadian Physicians for Life condemned the CMA’s move, saying that “every Canadian doctor knows that the unborn child is a live human being.”

Of course, even by the distorted definition of “human being” above, President Obama wanted to withhold medical care from born human beings, when he was a State Senator in Illinois…  because their mothers wanted them dead, and our president is so radical that he thinks mothers have a right to a dead baby when they abort, even if the child miraculously survives the abortion.  Further, it seems our president didn’t even want these tiny human survivors to have “comfort care”….  because even that would involve acknowledging their status as human beings.  

2 Responses to “What’s a human being?”

  1. Linda Wallace says:

    Heinously evil to deny that unborn babies are human beings.

  2. Anthony says:

    The distraction in the abortion debate is abortion. The real debate going on is the value of human life. You cannot legislate the beginning of life either. Your just kidding yourself, your still a muderer if you kill someone. No matter what horrendous situation someone paints to justify murdering a child we should strive to call it what it is.

    They say “except for in cases of rape, incest, etc” as if that is all we are talking about to conceal the lie. The only way to reveal a lie is with the truth. “Okay then your saying its okay to murser children only in cases of rape and incest then? Just not at any other time?”. I’m not saying I will judge, if you can speak those words and do it I won’t cast stones but let’s call it what it is.

    Millions more are killed every year as some kind of after the fact birth control.

    Any time you bring this up as a guy women will shoot you down and say you have no stake in the issue but the fact is that even though many of those poor women are suffering, and I don’t mean to take from that, at least half the children being murdered at boys. So we at least have that stake in it if nothing else.

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