Jun 21 2012

Smart phones and missile defense in Israel

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IRON DOME is the name of the Israeli anti-missile system that protects Israel from incoming missiles. Of course, no missile shield yet made can stop all incoming missiles…. but catching some is better than catching none. In any case, there is concern in Israeli defense circles that the frequencies used by some smart phones might interfere with the functioning of the IRON DOME. And you thought the airlines were paranoid about cell phones…..

IDF aims to shoot down smartphones over missile defense | The Times of Israel

The concerns come from the transmission frequencies used by some smartphones and tablet devices that could interfere with the finely tuned Iron Dome missile batteries as they home in on incoming missiles. Although an IDF representative raised the issue during the committee meeting at the beginning of the week, security officials refuse to reveal which specific devices or frequencies pose a problem. During the meeting, Communication Minister Moshe Kahlon dismissed the IDF’s concerns and said that changes in regulations have already been delayed several times in the past over security concerns.

What’s the takeaway? Israel is so much under siege as a nation that the possibility of smart phones interfering with missile defense is a story about economics…. not one about the psychology of a people who live under daily threat.

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