Mar 24 2012

Can anything good come out of Eloy? Apparently so

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When I was a senior in high school, I lived in Eloy, Arizona. There was absolutely nothing happening in Eloy. The town’s idea of 4th of July parade was two or three horses and a guy blowing his trumpet out a pickup truck window as he followed the horses.


So, something exciting is finally happening in Eloy!

The biggest paper airplane I’ve ever heard of….


It looks just a little like the SuperSonicTransport, otherwise known as the SST, that doesn’t fly anymore….

Mar 24 2012

Conservatives are responsible for death?

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MSNBC sinks to new low, starring Karen Finney.

This isn’t even “opinion journalism.” It’s just idiotic. By the way, the “30” she mentions in this abbreviated clip is probably the 30 states that have or are making some kind of “stand your ground” law protecting people who defend themselves from criminal prosecution.

I don’t know the facts of the case in question. The shooter may indeed simply be a murderer and not a person acting in self-defense. I have no interest in defending his actions if that’s the case.

But this conflation of conservatives protecting their constitutional rights with guilt for murder is not even risible…. it’s just complete, total hate speech, funded and disseminated by MSNBC, the hate speech network.