Oct 18 2011

One life for how many?

Category: Hamas,Israel,terrorismharmonicminer @ 9:37 pm

Here’s a roundup on the release by Israel of more than 1000 terrorists for one kidnapped Israeli soldier who had been held by Hamas for several years.


Daniel Pipes at NRO



Sometimes, inhuman as it sounds, the numbers do matter, and you can and should put a price on a single human life, a lesson that I fear Israel is going to learn the hard way, when it pays 100-fold for retrieving a single soldier.

UPDATE:  A friend emailed and suggested that the Israeli Defense Force is having trouble filling its ranks, and so the IDF felt that getting this solider back, even at the cost of more terrorist killings of civilians, was worth it to encourage people to serve in the IDF.  I don’t know…  but thought it an interesting idea to pass along.