Nov 07 2008

Post-Election Predictions: Bumped

Category: election 2008harmonicminer @ 9:30 am

This was originally posted Oct. 31, so the references to McCain just possibly winning can be ignored.  Most of the post is predictions about what happens under an Obama presidency, particularly with regard to media and foreign policy challenges, especially terrorism.

Maybe nothing new here, but I haven’t seen these prognostications made just this way anywhere else.  It is, of course, always dangerous to predict the future, since you’ll always be wrong about something…  events have a way of overwhelming the current appearance of things.  But these predictions flow from the necessities of the various groups to preserve themselves and their power base.

After the election, if Obama wins, he’ll have a short honeymoon.  And then, embarrassed at the world knowing how totally they were in the tank for Obama and the Dems in Congress, expect the press to become gradually quite savage in its treatment of Obama, somewhat after the manner of how Clinton’s personal failings were handled by the press, while still avoiding serious criticism of his policies.

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