Mar 16 2010

Murders aren’t all equal, it seems

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When an abortionist is killed by a crazy anti-abortion nutcase (which happens about once every decade), it makes big, big news, dominates the news for days, results in all kinds of editorials and dark pronouncements indicting Christians, talk radio, the political Right, the Republican party, and generally results in fulminations of all kinds.  But I’m willing to bet that most readers here have not heard that a  Jury Finds Michigan Man Guilty Who Shot Pro-Life Advocate Over Abortion Signs

A jury yesterday found guilty the man who shot pro-life advocate James Pouillon because he was upset with the graphic abortion signs he used when protesting abortion outside a local high school.

Apparently a murdered late-term abortionist is an object of public pity, virtually the loss of a national resource, but a murdered abortion protester is somewhere between routine and a big yawn.

Funny…  but I don’t recall hearing about this at the time it happened…  and I pay attention to a lot of the news.

Maybe I just missed it, but ABC, NBC, CBS and so on gave it a big play.  Somehow, I doubt it.

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