Mar 18 2009

An anchor around CBS’s neck

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The “most trusted man in America” has had his name used to shower kudos on surely one of the least trustworthy news anchors in America, Katie Couric, who has fewer daily viewers than Rush Limbaugh has listeners, if I’m reading the chart here correctly.

Don’t you know, it’s always profound journalism to attack anyone from the Right.   The simplest way to get professional recognition in academia and journalism is simply to be very left.  Advocate for the, uh, “right” stuff, and you’re a cinch to receive some award from somebody for something.

So you thought Katie Couric did the tough job of revealing “the real Sarah Palin” by demonstrating that she doesn’t read, and is incoherent?

In Media Malpractice, John Ziegler tells the truth about Katie Couric’s deliberate hit-job on Sarah Palin, proving with complete interview excerpts that:

1)  A widely circulated “incoherent answer” from Palin was actually her attempt to answer an incoherent question from Couric, which was always conveniently removed from the replay that “went viral”.  When you see the question, suddenly Palin’s answer makes sense, though everyone from CNN to SNL focused only on the answer without providing the context of what the question was.

2)  Palin’s refusal to list the exact things she reads for Couric,  which was nothing more than Palin’s refusal to be a good little schoolgirl and recite for the schoolmarm, was widely and deceitfully used by Couric and others to imply that Palin doesn’t read anything.

3)  Couric deliberately phrased questions to attempt to remove the best answers from the table before Palin could reply.  “Other than trying to reform Fannie and Freddie, what’s the most important thing John McCain has done to improve regulation?”  That’s about like asking, “Other than Social Security, what’s the most important thing FDR did for old people?”    And then, insanely, when Palin answered that fixing Fannie and Freddie WAS the most important thing McCain had tried to do in the regulation arena, other reporters (like Major Garrett, still impersonating an officer) said she hadn’t even given THAT answer, to Couric’s great joy, of course.  Garrett appears not even to have the grace to be embarrassed about it.

Sure, I wish Palin had mentioned something else just to show she knew McCain’s record, like campaign finance reform, but maybe she thought (justifiably) that “campaign finance reform” was actually a bad idea, and didn’t want to put a positive spin on it.  In any case, the entire episode was among the LEAST revealing bits of journalism around, other than showing very clearly the agenda that motivates let’s-pretend-journalism at CBS.

Media Malpractice has much more, including all the real gaffes committed by Joe Biden when he was interviewed by Couric, which were conveniently downplayed, or totally deepsixed, and to which no follow up questions were asked.

For example, Ed Morrisey reports here:

I guess the USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center never saw Katie’s crack journalistic work with Joe Biden. CBS crabbed at YouTube and got the video taken down, but the flavor remains:

Joe Biden’s denunciation of his own campaign’s ad to Katie Couric got so much attention last night that another odd note in the interview slipped by.

He was speaking about the role of the White House in a financial crisis.

“When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt got on the television and didn’t just talk about the princes of greed,” Biden told Couric. “He said, ‘Look, here’s what happened.’”

FDR wasn’t President when the stock market crashed, and he didn’t get on TV until a decade later — but Couric never seems to notice either gaffe. Why? She wasn’t out to get Joe Biden.

And that’s pretty much about the size of it for most of what passes as journalism these days. When the Left flubs, it isn’t even news, but creating news by misrepresenting the Right is always fair game.

The schadenfreud of watching CBS News’ ratings in free-fall is delicious.  Keep up the great work, Katie.  I’m sure you can land a nice sinecure teaching journalism somewhere to wide-eyed graduate students who want nothing more than to learn how “the pros” do it.  On the other hand, cheer up:  maybe the clowns you helped elect will send a nice bailout to CBS.

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10 Responses to “An anchor around CBS’s neck”

  1. soraya sussman says:

    I can not believe this worthless reprter is getting
    an award for lying and chaging the face of the
    interview with governor Sarah Palin. It should be an outraged
    outrage from all the women groups, but since most of
    them are liberal and brain dead are not going to
    do anything.if half of this country was not brain
    dead we would not have BHO as a president with
    hundreds of law suit againt him to find out who
    in the hell he is.

  2. Veneta Ellis says:

    I will be so glad when they get that bleeding, boring liberal off the air. She is a disgrace to all of you liberals and everyone else.

  3. tracy says:

    Katie Couric needs to go back to morning TV. She is much better at “cutesy” morning news than “investigative” reporting.

  4. Petra Smith says:

    Katie Couric, Oprah, the View (besides Elisabeth) all of them need to go away

  5. Katie Couric Sucks says:

    These people can no longer be called Journalist. Katie Couric is pathetic excuse for a reporter. It is one thing when you ask the tough questions but it is entirely different when you intend to embarass someone just because of their view points. It is ironic that the same people that want everyone in the world to get along, can not get along with each other nor their fellow country(people). Boycott ABC, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, HNL till things change!!!!

  6. Raquel says:

    That’s why, I’m now just watching fox news..

  7. Sandra says:

    Yea for Katie! Palin has proven how stupid she is and she really didn’t need much help from Katie to do it. How on earth could any woman support a woman who thinks we should not be able to make decisions involving our own bodies. Palin could set the women’s movement back by years. Fortunately, she didn’t get the chance to do that. The idea that Hillary’s supporters would support Palin proved to be false. Hillary’s supporters are pro-choice, they are concerned about the environment, global warming and other issues that Palin could care less about. There is nothing redeeming about supporting the aerial slaughter of wolves and the bridge to nowhere. I almost hope she does run for president in 4 years. That would guarantee another Democratic victory and finish Palin once and for all. She is arrogant, mean-spirited and tremendously stupid and unqualified. She did do her job, though. She got the “base.” Yes, she got those “good ole boys” who want to go out and kill every animal in sight and then come home and have a 6-pack, kick the dog and slap the wife and kids around. Good job, Katie! If she runs again, expose her again.

  8. Bill Colton says:

    I am saddened the comments of a woman who thinks she should not be able to make decisions involving her own body. This forces the position of “the body of the woman” and ignores “the body – life and soul” of the baby. It is assumptive language the if accepted as is, concludes the argument that the woman is the only one involved. I also find the description of “arrogant, mean-spirited and … unqualified” an interesting choice of words, considering the subsequent description of Palin’s followers.

  9. Karen says:

    Why have you not written anything about ACORN?
    How about the 3 black panthers who were not charged with voter’s intimadation. It seems to me that should be part of “How Obama got elected” Would like to hear your take on these things.

  10. Celebrity News Aggregator says:

    {What can I say?|What else is there to say?|I think} I {really|kinda|sorta} like Katie

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