Nov 08 2008

The demographic breakdown

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From Daily Kos, here are a couple of charts showing the demographic breakdown of the election.  It’s pretty eye-opening, especially if this is new info to you, and then I have some conclusions.

I’m not sure how to interpret this as anything but the following:

1)  Twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings have just volunteered to pay for my retirement and medical care even MORE than they would have already.  And, in addition, they’ve volunteered to pay for the medical care of my children, and grand-children, which is nice, since it removes the burden from me to help out if they fall on hard times.  Thanks!  I didn’t know you all loved us boomers so much.

2)  Minority groups including African-Americans, Latinos, and Asians, have also volunteered for financial duty in my service.  And as the minimum wage rises (which automatically boosts other wages pegged to some amount above the minimum), some of them will have the privilege of paying even more in payroll taxes (Social Security tax), for which I guess I should just say, “Thanks!”  Who would have thought they would have been so anxious to take good care of aging white people?

3)  Middle aged and older white people are selfish pigs who don’t want to pay any more for me and mine than they already do.  Hey, I feel the same way about them, too.

4)  People over age 65 are mostly racists.

5)  Younger folks and minorities are to be complemented for their willingness to risk their jobs on my behalf (when their employers have their taxes raised by Obama, some of those jobs will be lost…  but hey, that’s just the price of being fair, and they can always look for another one, or just move in with their folks, or something).

6)  After Obama raises income taxes and capital gains taxes on the rich and idle set, the lazy bums, some of them simply won’t open new businesses or expand their workforces (because more profit equals more tax, and more employees equals extra complication with the new medical care mandates).   The jerks will probably just leave their money in the bank, or buy tax-free municipal bonds, or something like that, and there will be more of you nice young people of all races who need work.  I know, you’ll get a $1000 tax cut each year, whether you ever paid taxes or not…  but how long do you think THAT’S gonna last?  You can live on it a month, if you share an apartment and eat Top Ramen.   So, to do my part, I promise to use some of the money sent to me by those of you who manage to keep your jobs (you know, by way of those nice government people at the IRS and SSA), and hire at least a couple of you nice young people to work in my yard and clean my house, just to show my appreciation.  Sorry, I’ll have to pay you “under the table” in cash, no benefits or social security reporting, because I’m sure not paying for your medical care mandates just because you cut my grass or clean my toilets.

Of course, I may just hire recently arrived undocumented workers, who will get free medical care anyway (you’re so generous!), because they’ll work even cheaper than you will…  you know, doing jobs Americans won’t do.

It’s awfully nice of all of you to be so self-sacrificial.

I suppose I have one big question, aimed especially at the young folks, for many of whom this was their first electoral date, and who may be about to learn that even a single ecstatic experience can lead to a lifetime condition:

Do you think Barry will call you in the morning?

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