Nov 02 2008

A Brilliant Article: Read it all

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Here is just a taste, but you’ll be well rewarding for clicking through and reading it all.

Pajamas Media » European Obamaphiles Trash the U.S.

I am sick and tired of Britons and Europeans pontificating about “American racism.” It defies belief that nations who plundered vast continents and colonialized the Hottentot are now telling Americans they should shed their shameful past. There is no denying the United States has a legacy of misfortune in the context of the era of slavery and that segregation was a blot on its history, but the impact of African-Americans on every aspect of American culture is something to be celebrated and that has no equal in Europe and Great Britain. Whether one supported Hillary Clinton or Mike Huckabee, or whether one will be voting for John McCain or Barack Obama, the United States has just shown the world it is capable of staging an energetic exercise in democracy that cannot be rivaled anywhere on the planet. Yes, there have been nasty moments aplenty but no blood has been shed.

UPDATE:  As others, notably Dennis Prager, have said, it is not “the world” that hates the USA, it’s the world’s LEFT that hates the USA.  And it is the world’s LEFT that loves Obama, and believes that in their preference for him, they are expressing their disdain for the USA as it has been.  If he’s elected, Obama will be farther Left than the presidents or prime ministers of England, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, etc., a fact you’re unlikely to learn from American major media.

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