Oct 01 2008

The Emergent Church, or Emerging Conversation, or New Type of Christianity, or whatever you’d like to call it

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An article on the emerging conversation calls it A New Type of Christianity, and describes its characteristics and distinctives.

Something new is coming, or perhaps is already here. It’s a new type of Christianity. It is still taking shape all around us, so it’s hard to describe. Labels won’t be any help. But one thing’s for sure. It Is The Future.

Everything changes, and everything has to be left wide open to new developments. Just because Christianity has a Bible and creeds doesn’t mean it’s impervious to taking on exciting new forms, even forms that make us re-think what Bible and creed even mean.

What will this New Type of Christianity look like? Again: too early to tell, no labels, still emerging just now. But here are three characteristics that we can already make out:

You really do want to read all of this… it’s ground breaking work, and very interesting.

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