Jun 26 2008

Obama agrees with conservative judges?!?! Nah

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The Supreme Court has decided that the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution DOES apply to individuals, and is not some kind of group right, dependent on membership in a militia, etc.

Unbelievably, Obama claims he agrees!

So, let’s see:  out of the last three major decisions of the Supreme Court, Obama agreed with the “conservatives” in two out of three decisions.  These include both Roberts and Alito, both of whom Obama voted against in the Senate confirmation process.

The court wants Guantanamo inmates to have full habeas corpus rights.  Obama agrees with the left leaning judges.

The court decides not to let states execute child rapists, no matter how egregious the crime.  Obama sides with the “constructionists”, not the left leaning judges.

The court decides that handgun, rifle and shotgun ownership is a constitutional right, and Obama, despite previous posititions he has taken, now says he agrees with the “constructionists”, i.e., that gun ownership is an individual right, not with the left leaning judges (presumably he is still for high levels of restrictions…  he’s not saying much about it right now….  needs to get elected first).

So what can we say this means regarding Obama’s judicial philosophy?  He seems to be agreeing with the judges he voted against, more than he disagrees with them.  Does this mean he would appoint more judges like Roberts and Alito, as opposed to Ginsburg and Souter?

Nah…  it just means he wants to get elected, and will say anything to avoid offending what he regards as key voter groups.

Will the lefty media (meaning nearly all the networks and major newspapers) ask him any hard questions about why he seems to be agreeing with judges he opposed?  You’re kidding, right?

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