Jan 22 2013

Tolerating the intolerable

Category: abortionharmonicminer @ 3:28 pm

Today is the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which allows any woman or teenage girl to have her unborn child killed for any reason, or none, at pretty much anytime in the pregnancy (despite minor limitations some states have managed to implement). Abortion may be “legal” but it will never be “safe” for the killed human being, and it isn’t all that “safe” for the mother, either. The failure of the church to unite over ending this Shoah is similar to its failure to end slavery, although, as with abolition movements of the 19th century, at least some elements of the church are in the vanguard.

Somewhere between 50 million and 55 million pre-born human beings have been killed since Roe v Wade in 1973. Abortion is THE social justice issue of our time, yet “social justice” advocates are virtually silent about it. It is especially tragic that so many churches and para-church organizations are essentially silent on the matter, when they aren’t simply “pro-choice” by default.

It is thought impolite and confrontational by many to bring this matter up. It is as if someone’s comfortable feelings are more important than the lives being taken, legally.

It is seen by some as primarily a political issue, but it is a straight up moral issue, with very little “middle ground” (what is a half-dead baby?), and our silence on it condemns us, particularly when we are silent out of concern for what other people will think of us, and for fear of offending someone whose good will we require.

Some people want to divert the discussion by pointing out their great concern for the poor and minorities, yet it is the poor and minorities whose children are killed in hugely disproportionate numbers by the Big Business that is abortion in America (Planned Parenthood and its competitors, ringing poor communities in America with pre-born infant disposal centers), one of the very few big businesses that the left never criticizes, and indeed funds with government money. Margaret Sanger and the eugenics movement are winning every day.

In any case, reasonable people can disagree about what will lift the poor out of poverty. It is a prudential question, not a moral one. It is a “how” question. No one disagrees that it would be good if there was less poverty. But legal abortion-on-demand-for-any-reason-or-none is a “what” question, namely, “What is evil, virtually always immoral and wrong by definition, and should be deeply restricted or totally stopped by a civilized people?” The answer is pretty clear. We can’t, by legislation or political action, end 90% of poverty. But we could, by concerted education combined with legal and political action, return abortion rates to those of the 1960s.

Our silence, the silence of those who see themselves as caring, loving people, is deafening.

Our inaction is worse. Our tolerance is…. intolerable.

Jan 02 2013

If only I were a little smarter…

Category: taxesamuzikman @ 11:59 am

I recently had a conversation on Facebook with a very bright young man.  The topic was taxation.  I made the comment (half tongue-in-cheek) that if taking more in taxes from the rich is better, then taking everything from the rich must then be best.  He ridiculed me for saying something so clearly ignorant and then proceeded to teach me about the relationship between income and taxation, how it was not a continuum but that there were optimal points of balance at which the right amount of government revenue was taken in taxes, while still maintaining a healthy, growing economy.  I replied to his instruction with a simple question:  Why is it, according to the political left, that these “optimal” points of balance ALWAYS involve the government taking more?

Apparently he either missed seeing my question or decided I was simply too ignorant to merit an answer, because I never got one.  On second thought he was probably busy, back on Facebook proclaiming the colossal ignorance of all conservatives.

Jan 01 2013

Small sigh of relief

Category: humoramuzikman @ 6:12 pm

After seeing a wedding performed during the middle of the Rose Parade this morning I will have to admit to some trepidation about what might happen at halftime during the Rose Bowl, when I discovered the newlyweds planned to attend the game.