Dec 20 2011

Winning the reverse lottery

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The reverse lottery is when you suddenly have a large expense you didn’t plan for, and one that was exceedingly unlikely, but you’re the lucky one who “won” it anyway.

In my case, it’s my Toyota Prius.  It’s a 2005 model with a bit over 200,000 miles on it.  Toyota claims that “amost none” of its hybrid battery systems has failed.   So I guess you can place me in the “almost none” category.  Against all odds, the hybrid system/battery pack that powers the electric motor, and is charged by the gas motor, has failed.

Toyota says more Prius owners have been hit by lightning.  I’m thinking that maybe a lightning strike would give my battery pack a face-lift and make it work again.  But apparently not.

Toyota wants $4500 to replace the battery pack/hybrid system.  Hah.  On a car with that many miles on it, which is starting to use oil?  Where replacing the gas engine would be another $5000 or so?  Not likely….

So if I can’t find a Prius battery on the used market (maybe one that was in a front end collision?), I’ll be looking for another car, quite soon.  Like yesterday.

Anybody got any good ideas?

2 Responses to “Winning the reverse lottery”

  1. Michael Lee says:

    VW Jetta TDI – diesel engine, get’s 40+ MPG. Love mine.

  2. tonedeaf says:

    Personally, I really love my 1996 GMC Sierra 2500 pick-up truck. It gets 17 mpg and is like a faithful old dog. Of course, it is politically incorrect to own, but then, I don’t care.

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