Nov 12 2011

It’s about values, not party

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Garlow Presents “Courage Award” to Sen. Ruben Diaz

Dr. Jim Garlow, Chairman of ReAL, on September 22, 2011 in New York City, presented to Democrat New York State Senator Ruben Diaz the “Ruben Diaz Courage Award” for his exceptional defense of moral principles in the midst of forceful opposition.  Senator Diaz had to stand against the massive pressure of the Democratic machine and the June 24, 2011 behind-the-scenes shenanigans of Republican Senator Leader Dean Skelos and several GOP Senators who sold out their values, violating the promises they made during their campaigns regarding defending traditional, natural marriage.  The “Ruben Diaz Courage Award” will be presented periodically to other elected officials who demonstrate unusual fortitude when defending biblical and moral values.

The next time someone claims to you that conservative Christians are really just Republicans first, and see their religion as a way to gain support for their party, refer them to this story.

How many Democrats have had the courage to stick to Biblical values in their political efforts? In the end, not many. But when they do, conservative Christians applaud them, out loud and in public, even when it is Republicans who tried to stop the right thing from being done.

5 Responses to “It’s about values, not party”

  1. keith8160 says:

    Anything to get elected….. Is it my imagination, or is the Republican field of candidates this year extremely weak? Have they already thrown in the towel and are planning for 2016 or what?

  2. amuzikman says:

    Do you mean anything for Diaz to get elected? Winning an award for defending biblical values is not exactly going to place Rep Diaz at or near the head table with the current Democratic party. I dare say it might be considered by some to be a liability.
    As to the second point, it depends on your point of reference. Compared to the current occupant of the White House they look like a very strong field of candidates.

  3. keith8160 says:

    Yes, but who in that current field actually stands a chance of getting elected? Gingrich?

  4. tonedeaf says:

    The Republican Party was not a particular home for Christian voters until Roe vs. Wade in 1973. At that point many Christian folks who had previously ignored politics became active because they now had a glaring picture of how evil those who govern had become. They were not interested in starting a 3rd party but rather looked to the existing party whose platform most reflected their own values. Because the Republican Party was founded on a ‘life’ issue (freedom of slaves) it was a natural home. The battle for the born-again Christian voter has never been with Democrats but rather with the naturally power-hungry within their own party and those who got elected by claiming solid conservative beliefs and voting the opposite.

  5. keith8160 says:

    I’m just not very impressed with the current field. Am I missing something? Will someone emerge unexpectedly from the right, the middle?

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