Nov 24 2010

Avoid the body scan and pat down. Wear a bikini.

Category: Uncategorizedharmonicminer @ 6:57 pm

The problem with this, of course, is that most of us don’t look very good in abbreviated swim-wear. And airports are often cold. I’m not anxious to see most flyers in a bikini.

The last time I flew, the TSA guy confiscated my breath mints (the little breath assure capsules with parsley oil in them). They were foil backed, and that set off the scanner… and I suppose they might have been explosive or something. Or maybe the TSA guy was just an idiot.

You decide.

5 Responses to “Avoid the body scan and pat down. Wear a bikini.”

  1. Katherine says:

    I think that they should start requiring passengers to wear bikinis.

  2. harmonicminer says:

    I refuse. I mean, I’ve lost weight and all, I’m sure I’d look smashing… but a man has to have some standards.

    I’ll bet the airlines could charge extra for flights involving celebrities, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, etc.

  3. kdippre says:

    Either start issuing every passenger a bikini or a rifle (you can have your cake and eat it, too!)

  4. harmonicminer says:

    How about a bikini AND a rifle?

  5. kdippre says:

    Sounds like something out of an older James Bond film. I vote “yes.”

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