Nov 16 2010

Nuked for global warming?

Category: humorharmonicminer @ 3:33 pm

I can’t tell if this is for real or a setup… but if the speaker here really is a professor, LSU is obviously having trouble in making good hiring decisions.

4 Responses to “Nuked for global warming?”

  1. kdippre says:

    This is suspicious. It seems like at lot of cherry picked moments taken out of context. Was the professor really this angry? I doubt it. Probably an exercise in debate or hyperbole.

  2. tonedeaf says:

    It would appear that much of the class was not listening – also, this guy reminded me of the guys that preach on street corners predicting the end of the world. I guess they all got rounded-up and put in university classrooms.

  3. kdippre says:

    Perhaps a guest or just another student?

  4. tonedeaf says:

    Makes me glad I don’t need any more non-music college courses in my life.

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