Nov 11 2010

The ridiculous state of America’s view of war

Category: Uncategorizedharmonicminer @ 11:05 pm

This report is sickening.

I am glad the warriors were “vindicated.”  But it is outrageous, beyond outrageous, that the regulations exist that put them in any legal jeopardy in the first place.  Did the wee little terrorist get a split lip?  Did he get a punch in the gut?

Apparently it is now safer to be a terrorist in the custody of the American military than to walk home from school in a tough neighborhood in Kansas City. 

I saw plenty of kids get worse on the school bus 45 years ago.

Some people in our media, our academic circles, our courts and our government have lost all sense of proportion, and all sense of seriousness about the war on terror.

They will be reminded of just how serious it is at some point.  They won’t enjoy the reminder.  And when that day comes, it will make all this concern about white glove treatment of murdering terrorists seem risible, verging on suicidal.