Nov 06 2010

Gangsters behaving like gangsters in Mexico, with an incompetent, corrupt government

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Gunmen block roads after Mexican drug lord killed

Gunmen used buses and trucks to block roads in Reynosa, a Gulf cartel stronghold across the border from McAllen, Texas, and west of Matamoros, where marines on Friday shot dead gang leader Ezequiel “Tony Tormenta” Cardenas.

In an apparent riposte from rivals, gunmen from the Zetas gang hung messages between trees and over bridges in Reynosa and in cities across northeastern Tamaulipas state, mocking Cardenas’ death. “Once again, the Gulf traitors’ destiny is evident … there’s no place for them, not even in hell,” read one banner that was signed by the Zetas.

Try to imagine the response of US authorities if rival armed gangs were blocking roads in, say, Kansas.  Or San Diego, for that matter.

Then consider that those gangsters are running free in Mexico, and ask yourself what that means, and what it bodes.

Nov 06 2010

The most ungracious victory speech ever?

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