Nov 02 2010

California is doomed

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Over the cliff.

Holding hands.

If you own something in California, sell it fast, before the price drops even more.

We appear to have decided officially to become a third-world country.

As industry moves out, guess who’s moving in?

Nov 02 2010

Rated PG 13: WHICH side is angry here?

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It’s pretty obvious, as one of the background speakers in this video points out, that had this kind of behavior been exhibited by a Republican, it would have been all over the nightly news. The perpetrators would be likely to have been arrested, given this kind of behavior in front of watching cops. But here we have some out of control anger, expressed by tearing down signs and shouting obscenities at peaceful Republican campaigners, who are simply sitting on their own property holding signs in support of their candidate.


Intelligent commentary on the “racist” hypothesis as an explanation of Republican sentiment.


The angry man’s candidate lost.  Cosmic justice?