Oct 17 2010

Inflatable policy

Category: Uncategorizedharmonicminer @ 11:15 pm

During WWII, as the Allies were trying to deceive German intelligence about the D-Day invasion location and timing, they used “inflatable military hardware” to make it look to German air-based photo recon as if the Allies were massing in places that the weren’t on the British coast.

This idea seems to have caught on….  here it is employed in Russia, although I’m not sure whom they’re trying to fool these days.

In any case, I do find myself wondering if this isn’t a great metaphor for Obama’s economic policy.

You know:  make it look like you’re doing something, as long as people don’t look too close.  Talk about stimulus a lot, without actually pointing at something that has been stimulated.

Other than the tea parties, of course.

Harry Reid is busy looking for something he can inflate as a successful policy.

But he only has to look in the mirror to see a balloon that’s about to pop.

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