Jun 16 2010

Murdering in the right place is important to protect the guilty

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I deliberate scheduled this post to come up over a week after the events that it reports. If you haven’t heard about it yet, you can ask yourself why this horrific event is not well-covered in the media. If you have heard of it, ask yourself where you did hear of it, and where you didn’t…  and why.

Girl performs at-home abortion; Polk Township man, 30, charged with rape, concealing death of child

A 30-year-old Polk Township man has been arrested for his role after a 13-year-old girl performed a self-induced abortion using a pencil. Michael James Lisk has been charged with rape and concealing the death of a child.

State police were alerted to the case on Sunday after staff at Lehigh Valley Hospital treated the girl, who said she conducted the “home abortion” on herself using a lead pencil last Wednesday.

She subsequently became violently ill and began having contractions before ultimately delivering a baby at her residence.

The girl had been in contact with Lisk while she was in labor, police said. Lisk allegedly arrived at the her residence and removed the baby in a plastic shopping bag, later burying it in a wooded area along Middle Creek Road.

The baby’s body was later discovered by a state police forensic services unit.

During their investigation, police learned that Lisk had been having a sexual relationship with the girl since June 2009. The girl believed he was the father, according to police.

Lisk was arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Michael Muth and sent to Monroe County Correctional Facility, where he is being held on $50,000 bail.

An autopsy on the baby is scheduled for later this week. The girl is still receiving medical treatment.

How can burying a dead fetus by “concealing the death of a child”? Everyone knows they aren’t “children” until they are born. Is it only a “child” because the girl didn’t manage to kill it in the womb? So, since the murder wasn’t carried out by a professional fetus killer (who has all the tools and skill necessary to do it in the womb, and the “medical” license to do so), is it now a child, worthy of legal protection?

Of course, easy access to abortion would have solved the whole problem, from the perspective of the “pro-choice“.

We all know, however, the way the law now stands, and the way abortion clinics do business, that easy access to abortion for this girl would simply have resulted in a continuation of her sexual abuse by a 30 yr old man.  And we already know that a huge percentage of “under age” girls who get pregnant are made so by men who are years older, so that easy abortion access simply protects the men, not the girls.

The completely bizarre aspect of this is that abortion clinics legally do what in any other circumstance would be called “concealing evidence of a crime”, both of sexual abuse and of killing a baby.

When was the last time you heard of someone convicted of statutory rape because an abortion clinic reported the prenancy of an underage girl to the authorities?

3 Responses to “Murdering in the right place is important to protect the guilty”

  1. innermore says:

    It is commonly known that most abortion clinics are reluctant to publicly report criminal activity because of the unwanted attention it would bring. However, many tips on a criminal investigation may be called-in anonymously by a doctor, or a psychologist, or a priest; perhaps even an abortion clinician. And that’s why no-one hears about it. Why make such an accusation when it is impossible to know?

    I think this tragedy is NOT an appropriate opportunity for BOTH SIDES to begin preaching their worn-out PRO-WHATEVER agendas. Mr. Lisk needs to be strung up by his nads. But once again the facts, and shamefully the real evil and injustice, are apparently being buried (along with the baby) by the media-baited frenzy of attacks and defenses of abortion.

  2. harmonicminer says:

    I doubt doctors, psychologists or priests are calling in tips to a police hotline to report statutory rape. Do you really think that’s likely to be common? Even less likely is an “abortion clinician” to do this, since their job depends on staying in business and not rocking the boat.

    There are good stats for the number of underage abortions being done, and the percentage of them where the father is “of age”, usually quite a bit older. Nothing even close to those numbers is approached in statutory rape reports/prosecutions… which pretty much demonstrates that abortion clinics are rarely making such reports themselves…. which is the point of this post.

    Your second paragraph seems to assume some kind of moral equivalence between “BOTH SIDES” as if they are only “sides” in a dispute with their “PRO-WHATEVER” agendas. This tragedy is EXACTLY an appropriate occasion to make the point about the evil of abortion, and how easy access to it for minors simply propagates the evils of sexual expoitation of children AND abortion.

  3. innermore says:

    Of course, from the perspective of someone that has picked a side, there can never be a “moral equivalence” between the 2 sides; or there wouldn’t be 2 sides! In the 2nd paragraph I was actually attempting to illustrate the immoral equivalence(s) of both sides. My side says the tragedy here is that you guys are so busy mocking each other, nobody has found (or wants to find) a way to stop abortion. More importantly, I’m beginning to smell a profit here. That is the evil growing out of the evil to me.

    It sort of reminds me of the American Cancer Society. Your compassionate incentive has morphed into a corrupt monster. A “more-administrators-can-make-a-fortune-as-long-as-the-cancer-is-never-cured” type of monster. Meanwhile, the caring and compassion is being frustrated and extinguished as we all continue putting up with it. Of course, your side will loudly deny their participation in this game, just as the other side will, And on and on it goes.

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