Mar 28 2010

Seven Contradictions of Gun Control

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Six Contradictions, Seven Contradictions, who’s counting?

Herewith, Seven Contradictions of Gun Control:

*  Guns are used in crime  –  yet we have many laws restricting guns

*  We have many laws restricting guns  –   yet criminals can always get guns illegally

*  Criminals can always get guns illegally  –  yet we need more laws restricting guns

*  We need more laws restricting guns  –  yet states with more guns have less crime

*  States with more guns have less crime  –   but too many people have guns

*  Too many people have guns  –  yet we have many laws restricting guns

*  We need more laws restricting guns  –  yet criminals don’t obey gun laws

Coming soonSix Contradictions of Pinball

5 Responses to “Seven Contradictions of Gun Control”

  1. tonedeaf says:

    Interesting to note that Harry Reid D-Nevada, spent yesterday rifle shooting with Wayne LaPierre, President of the NRA. Politics make strange bedfellows – again.

  2. harmonicminer says:

    I’m willing to trade “pro-NRA” Harry for Tarkanian or whoever can beat him. Shouldn’t be that hard after this fiasco. And odds are good that whoever it is will be just as pro-NRA as Reid.

  3. tonedeaf says:

    I just can’t help wondering what Wayne was thinking. Maybe it was a general gunshoot and Harry just showed up for a photo op.

  4. Saxman says:

    Perhaps he thinks he will be up for VP … and didn’t want to do a Dick Chaney!

  5. innermore says:

    I employed algebraic equivalence classes to resolve your contradictions.

    1. Many guns used in crime are restricted.
    2. Criminals often prefer to acquire things illegally.
    3. Criminals ignore the need for more laws.
    4. It’s riskier for a criminal to shoot someone with a gun.
    5. People with guns should move to states with more crime.
    6. Gun ownership will moderate when gun laws are restrained.
    7. Gun laws do not stop criminals from getting guns.

    How’d I do, Spock?
    Can’t WAIT for the pinball.

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