Mar 25 2010

Famous sayings of pinball

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Herewith, famous sayings of pinball players of my misspent youth and early adulthood.

* “It’s hard to play pinball when you have both hands wrapped around your neck.”  (An obvious reference to “choking” while trying to flip.)

*  “Hey, another Lazzie ball!”  (So named in honor of Lazarus being raised from the dead, in reference to the relatively rare phenomena of missing with both flippers up the middle, and the ball hitting the back wall and bouncing back into play anyway.)

*  “Another pin-ball related fatality.”  (Don’t ask.  I won’t tell.)

*  “Wow!  A double match, a special and two wins on points!”

*  “I had the high score on Highway Patrol for three weeks running!”  (Pull over, buddy.)

*  “Life isn’t fair.  HE got extra ball, double multi-ball on the same turn, a special and a round the world bonus.  I got bumpkus.”  (Live with it.  You could have been playing Alien Invasion or something.)

*  “I usually try to catch it on the flipper.”  (Nothing to do with dolphins.)

*  “You’re not holding your jaw right.”  (That’s pure mythology.  The set of the jaw has nothing to do with the ballistics involved.  However, the angle of your left knee certainly does matter.)

*  (After a TILT and lost ball)  “Hey, I hardly touched it!”

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