Feb 27 2010

Another Democrat Congresscat mad at the media

Category: humorsardonicwhiner @ 12:22 am

It can be really, really dangerous to be an investigative journalist, investigating what Congress-critters are doing behind closed doors.

4 Responses to “Another Democrat Congresscat mad at the media”

  1. Melody says:

    Big mistake playing this with my cat asleep on the chair next to me. She totally freaked out. I’ll have to finish it later.

  2. innermore says:

    Looked like she was pregnant and setting up a nest for a litter. No wait, you said she’s a Democat? Democats are all spayed or neutered. Nevermind.

  3. K dippre says:

    Phil, is this really your cat? It’s the most violent cat video ever. My family got a real kick out of it, even our dogs. They were looking all over the house for this vocal kitty!

  4. amuzikman says:

    My three cats all ran for their lives…very funny!

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