Jul 14 2009

Tidelocked vacation spot

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Welcome to the Lunar International Park.  Please do not litter.  Don’t disturb the regolith.  And keep your hands off the LEM.

Jul 14 2009

How the mighty fall

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A friend of mine clued me in to this particular video.  In it, a train, a seemingly unstoppable object, is derailed by a tornado.  It’s quite dramatic.

There are forces that can overpower the mightiest institution, driving it right off the tracks.  If history teaches anything, it teaches that.

It is the sin of pride to think that your particular institution is invulnerable to those forces.

Failing to pay attention to the weather report is dangerous.  Unfortunately, when the company picnic has already been scheduled, it can be difficult to be the one who has to inform the company social director that the barometric pressure is falling….  fast.