Jul 02 2009

NOKIA: the real sellout to IRANIAN MULLAH’S TERROR

Category: Iran,Islam,terrorismharmonicminer @ 9:00 am

The American Islamic Conference, an organization that promotes western style pluralism to Muslims, and is an example of what a truly moderate Muslim organization looks like, has called on us to Boycott Nokia for Iran Crackdown

Nokia recently provided the Iranian regime with a “monitoring center” that enables security forces to tap cell phones, read e-mails, scramble text-messages, and interrupt calls. Nokia’s new surveillance system has enhanced the regime’s ability to crack down on dissent during recent protests. The monitoring technology is being deployed on a massive scale, with hundreds arrested thanks to Nokia’s technology.

From Google to Nokia, we have a problem with multinational communications companies aiding repressive regimes, apparently just to do more business.  Signup for the Nokia boycott here, and send a personalized message to Nokia at the same time.

For a broader approach to “divesting terror,” i.e., ceasing financial support of companies and organizations that do business with terror-related organizations, start your reading here.