Jan 27 2009

You can’t parody this

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You probably saw this report, that some climate damage is already irreversible.

Many damaging effects of climate change are already basically irreversible, researchers declared Monday, warning that even if carbon emissions can somehow be halted temperatures around the globe will remain high until at least the year 3000.

Now, let’s get real here.  The year 3000?!?!?!  Holy Ozone, Batman.

This is so risible that it should be a fake newscast at The Onion.   Do these guys know NOTHING about the large temperature variations of the last 2000 years, when it’s been both warmer and colder than now?  Do they really think they can account for the very large natural variations in predicting the tiny input humans have had into the climate?

This news report masquerading as news is actually a Public Relations Release of the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change), surely the most politically motivated and thoroughly bent UN endeavor since the UN Oil for Food Program.  Of course, the AP continues its “see no skeptics, hear no skeptics, speak no skepticism” approach to reporting on the matter.  It’s so common that its hardly noticeable anymore…

But this really is extreme.  These clowns (who else would make 1000 year predictions on climate, except that it will probably be different, who know exactly how?) are really funny, except when they’re dangerous.

See yesterday’s post, and ponder the pontifications of perfidious politicians pretending to do objective science.

If you have the patience, here are some real scientists actually debating the point:


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