Nov 07 2008

Post-Election Predictions: Bumped

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This was originally posted Oct. 31, so the references to McCain just possibly winning can be ignored.  Most of the post is predictions about what happens under an Obama presidency, particularly with regard to media and foreign policy challenges, especially terrorism.

Maybe nothing new here, but I haven’t seen these prognostications made just this way anywhere else.  It is, of course, always dangerous to predict the future, since you’ll always be wrong about something…  events have a way of overwhelming the current appearance of things.  But these predictions flow from the necessities of the various groups to preserve themselves and their power base.

After the election, if Obama wins, he’ll have a short honeymoon.  And then, embarrassed at the world knowing how totally they were in the tank for Obama and the Dems in Congress, expect the press to become gradually quite savage in its treatment of Obama, somewhat after the manner of how Clinton’s personal failings were handled by the press, while still avoiding serious criticism of his policies.

The press will not seriously question Obama’s policies, with at length and in depth exploration of them.  But in order to burnish their credentials as “objective”, expect them to dig up all the dirt that was ignored pre-election.  Expect a gradual drumbeat of exposures of Obama’s shady associations that were deemed “off topic” during the run-up to the election.  And expect a few videos to surface, and personal failings to be aired that have been heretofore well concealed in the major media.

This is the only way the press will feel it can regain credibility.  But it will be like the Clinton years, when Monica and other failings got lots of attention, but no serious examination or criticism was given to Clinton’s policies, and that will pass, in the minds of the major media, as “objective” coverage, because they will be criticizing Obama, and will have that to point to whenever their pre-election bias is pointed out.

This will be especially true if the rookie, inexperienced and somewhat clueless new president makes a few gaffes, mishandles a crisis or two (Biden warned us already), can’t fix the economy after all, and so on.

Expect the Jesse Jacksons of the world to publically praise Obama, while not-so-secretly passing on whatever dirt they can to “investigative reporters”.  And then expect the same “civil rights activists” to cry “racism!” when the reports are actually made.  It’s a win/win for them.  Because if the press treats Obama too nicely, they lose most of their guilt-hold on white America, and those same white Americans, paradoxically, will become more skeptical of the need for any kind of affirmative action/diversity policies that involve any sacrifices by them.  They’ll have a black president to point to, getting treated nicely, and so how can any blacks claim that racism is holding them back?  So it will be critical for the “civil rights activists”, the NAACP, the whole crowd, to make sure that Obama gets a LOT of bad press, so they can convince their own political bases that it’s all racism, and say, “See, you NEED us!”

So white Lefty journalists will have to salvage their credibility by savaging their candidate, as soon as it’s reasonably possible to do so.  And black community organizers everywhere need for a President Obama to get a lot of grief, or their entire reason for existence is called into question.  How else can they keep claiming racism is the problem, when the USA elects a black president, unless that black president is criticized enough in the media that they can attribute it to barely disguised bigotry?

The LATimes, in particular, is taking a great risk in refusing to release this.  The reason it is a great risk is simple:  the other major media, anxious to regain lost credibility, will be perfectly happy to point the finger at the LATimes, just to divert attention from their own negligence.  Given the shrinking pie that is the major media, look for lifeboat ethics to set in, so that instead of defending each other (in the hope of reciprocation), they will more and more attack each other, in a vain battle for the last meal of market share.

There will be another phenomena, I think.  The major media will actually attack the Right for failing to provide proof of allegations about Obama, so that the major media could run with it.  That is, whatever newly damaging information about Obama’s links to Ayers, Wright, Resko, etc., is unearthed, the major media will find a way to blame the Right for not bringing it to the attention of the media in time for the election, and claim that before the election it was all just unproven allegations, which they couldn’t really honor, of course, in their journalistic olympian detachment.

There are likely to be new revelations from Obama’s past, things that major media has known about all along but not aired, things that would have swayed some voters had they been known.  Obama’s medical records, his school records, his legal work, his extra-marital dalliances, his relationships with yet more questionable figures, will all be fair game.  The recently released radio recording of “Obama the redistributionist who wants the court to add social welfare to the bill of rights, on Chicago NPR” is just the tip of the iceberg on what must be available to reveal the real Obama, if the major media actually looked.  At some point, they will.  They must, in order to be able to say that they are objective journalists, even though their risible failure to do this work BEFORE the election cannot be undone.

The very best outcome for the black activists, of course, is if Obama loses.  Oh, they’ll mourn publicly.  But imagine the kick-start their funding drives will have.  Imagine the energy their political base will have to fight back against all those racists who didn’t vote for Obama, in some kind of national Bradley Effect (in their imaginations, of course, there is no room for honest policy disagreements, and suspicion of an individual candidate’s character).  In this case, the major media will say little to correct the impression of a racist electorate.   They will be understanding and very nearly forgiving of disturbances, even riots, that appear to flow from Obama’s defeat.  Expect to hear a lot from Jesse, Al and Maxine about racist America.  Expect pundits from Right to try to make the case that for Obama to even get close is proof America isn’t fundamentally racist.  Expect no one to pay any attention to that except other Right leaning pundits.

And, if Obama loses, expect John McCain to appoint another black judge to SCOTUS, and expect the  Democrat Senate to utterly savage that brave individual, unless McCain wimps out and appoints a “moderate”.  Sadly, we can also expect President McPain to drive us nuts with “reaching across the aisle” to work with the Dems on illegal alien amnesty (it won’t be called that), “climate change”, campaign ethics/financing, drilling, a few other things.

Either way, it’s going to be a very interesting two years until the mid-term congressional elections.

If the terrorists are smart, they will do absolutely nothing in the first years of Obama’s reign, to lull the USA into a sense of safety, while working at creating a really big terrorist event, maybe a dirty bomb, or even a nuke, or simply something along the lines of this.  The terrorists claim to be thinking in “the long term”.  If they are simply smart enough to hold back for maybe six years, and tone down the rhetoric all the while, so that a President Obama isn’t seriously challenged, and with a Democrat Congress is easily able to “Carterize” our military by “building down” in order to divert funds to his socialist enterprises (already announced as a policy initiative by Barney Frank and others), they could deliver a terrific blow, to which we would have difficulty responding, partly out of sheer leadership failure, and partly out of logistical inability to do anything quickly and decisively, or to follow up with effective measures after that.  Think Desert One.  The United States of America could not get a few special forces teams into Tehran.  It can get that bad again, more quickly than many people think.

If the terrorists are smart, they won’t push a President McCain.  However, if he’s stuck with a Democrat congress for a few years, it will be hard for him to keep the military and intelligence services fully funded (especially if Barney Frank gets his way), so if the creeps wait about six years, they may still find an opportunity to strike at a weakened USA.

As an Obama presidency goes on with no attack, I’ll be getting more and more nervous.  If nothing happens sooner, I’m thinking 2014 to 2016 are good years to stay out of big cities on the coasts.  And it will be a really good time for Americans not to do lots of foreign travel.

My crystal ball broke last week, and is still in the shop.  So don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll all be very, very safe if Obama is elected, and the terrorists will be just overwhelmed with his personal charm and go back to their tents and pray.


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