Oct 17 2008

Is This The Change You Had In Mind?

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There is a pretty good article in The Wall Street Journal Online about what we can expect with a Democrat in the White House and a democratic “super”- majority in Congress.

It is popular (and easy) to simply blame the current resident of the White House for all problems, big and small. This election cycle is no different, it’s happening now just as it has in past political campaigns and demand for change is an oft-repeated cry.  In fact it is the campaign slogan of Citizen Obama.

The problem lies within the meaning of the word “change”.  It is safe to say change is coming, especially with an Obama win.  Therefore we should all be at least mildly curious about what sort of change we can expect.  If the Democrat super-majority is realized our country may very well change to a point so as to become unrecognizable.

Click here to read the WSJ article

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