Oct 09 2008

I Believe vs. I Know

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There is currently, in easy reach of just about anyone, a growing body of information concerning Citizen Obama, his history, his allies and his core beliefs.  More than a little of this information is of a nature to create concern among many.  The fact that this information is so slowly coming to light should be of concern to those who rely on the so-called “main stream media” for most of their information about the presidential candidates.  The fact this information is seeing the light of day at all is a testament to the crucial role played by the so-called “new media”.

Nevertheless this information does exist, it is readily accessible and should be examined, just as the same information about McCain should be and has been scrutinized.

What is most disturbing about Obama supporters is their willingness to continue supporting their candidate not because of the facts but in spite of them.  It’s getting pretty hard to ignore Citizen Obama’s past, a past containing healthy portions of Socialism, Radicalism, ultra-left Liberalism, Chicago-style dirty politics, a la Richard Daley, and alliances with some other, shall we say, “interesting” people.

But this does not matter to many supporters of Obama because he has their vote based not on knowledge but belief.  Obama’s supporters believe he can bring change – and the operative word is ‘believe”. Many voters believe Obama is the change we need and as such they cannot be persuaded by facts.  I remain convinced that few could point to anything in the record of Obama as the reason he has their support.  To them it is a “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” belief in an as yet unseen and hoped-for future rather than an informed judgment based on facts.

In contrast we have John McCain.  Everyone has a great deal of knowledge about McCain and some people will readily admit their reticence about voting for him precisely because of what they do know.  Say what you will about him, (he wasn’t my first choice either) with McCain you KNOW what you are getting.

I believe it’s better to know. I know it’s not good to select a president simply on what I believe.

May I humbly suggest you believers get to know the man in whom you place so much hope, trust and belief BEFORE you enter the voting booth.

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10 Responses to “I Believe vs. I Know”

  1. Sam says:

    The question is: How do you get the information out to the people who only use the mainstream media as their source of information? When McCain tries to do it he is criticized for his “attack ads.”

  2. JC says:

    I know intelligent people who fall into the trap that you suggest regarding Obama. People you and I know. Here is my biggest issue with Obama. It’s not his acquaintances that’s an issue for me, although I will admit that those relationships are unsettling at best. Here is my issue: He has no experience as an executive of anything. None. Zero. Zilch. He has never run a business, a company or a small municipal government. He has never (to my knowledge) hired anyone or fired anyone. Never set objectives. Never been held accountable for meeting objectives. Never set a vision, strategy and tactics to deliver against that vision. Never managed a budget. This is the man that’s going to lead us out of this difficult economic time? This is the man that will command our troops and make decisions about where and when to deploy? This is a man who will be financially responsible with the taxpayers money? Does he really even understand the implications of running a deficit? Of balancing a budget? Of making the difficult decisions when you have to make financial trade-offs? This is training I have from having run a billion dollar plus business for over 7 years and I still don’t think I’m qualified to be President! As near as I can tell, you are dead right. People are so desperate that they are willing to suspend the qualifications they would normally ask for in a President to allow a little hope that maybe, just maybe, this eloquent man can pull it off. I blame this as much on the Republican Party’s inability to make a case for McCain’s experience and Conservative principles as I do on people’s naivety. An eloquent speaking man with hopes of bringing this country together without the knowledge and experience to actually pull it off will still be just that 4 years from now. He will still sound good, but nothing will have been accomplished. This, I’m afraid, is the best we can hope for from Barrack Obama.

  3. amuzikman says:

    Sam – Sadly the folks I am talking about have made their decision based on something other than “the information” you speak of. I’m not sure facts carry any weight whatsoever, though we will never know for sure what might have been had news journalists actually done their job with respect to Citizen Obama. But McCain must continue to do what he has (finally) started to do. McCain must try to show voters the real Obama, it’s really no more complicated than that.

  4. amuzikman says:

    JC – The frustration you feel resonates with anyone who has actually been in a decision-making position. My own managerial experience is minor compared to yours but still substantive enough to see the problem as you have so well stated it. How in the world did we ever get to a point in this country where literally nothing more than eloquent rhetoric was enough to propel someone to the highest office in the land? And I’m not sure the blame can land anywhere but on us. To me it isn’t so much a matter of naivety as it is one of spoiled indifference. The value we place on liberty and the great blessings bestowed on this country have been plunging faster than the stock market for a long time.

  5. JC says:

    Amuzikman, I totally agree. I think a combination of naivety for the uninformed, and “spoiled indifference” for the ones who should know better. The latter have never experienced a depression, never seen evil people actually do evil things, never seen what happens when “leaders” don’t actually lead, etc. We are spoiled because we have never experienced (until 9/11 and even then it was somewhat ‘contained’) the “what if…”. But is it so difficult to imagine that we throw caution (and lack of experienced leadership) to the wind? I certainly won’t.

  6. harmonicminer says:

    Hey, it’s not so bad. Store water and food. About 4 years’ worth. Get a big order of necessary prescriptions. Buy some extra socks. Make friends with your ex-special forces neighbor.

    We can ride this out.

    And sadly, we may have to.

    The new socialist utopia is not going to be a friendly place for the likes of us.

  7. enharmonic says:

    amusikman says,”The value we place on liberty and the great blessings bestowed on this country have been plunging faster than the stock market for a long time.” What a truly brilliant statement. Why are we so worried about the stock market? Because we value our money more than we value our values.

  8. JC says:

    One of the interesting things about the stock market decline is that it reminds me (once again) that I am not in control! That no one is in control except God. I have lost a lot of money on paper over the past few months…heck…few days. And it has put part of my life on hold. But not the really important part (he tells himself over and over again!). But I still know without a shadow of a doubt who is in control. And once again, I am at peace. Even if Obama wins, I’m not really worried. I worry about the people that have no place to take their troubles, their worries, their stress. I’m going to be fine. It doesn’t keep me from fighting for what I value and what I believe our founding fathers valued, but in the end….it is in His hands. I think, perhaps, we needed this to help us “reset” our priorities and rediscover what is really critical in our lives. It’s really not money. It’s our families, our friends, the neighbors we are supposed to be watching out for. Maybe if we did a better job of taking care of our neighbors, people would stop looking to the government to solve some of these problems. Sorry…don’t mean to preach…mostly talking to myself.

  9. amuzikman says:

    Thanks, that’s good stuff and I needed the reminder.

  10. Paul Bahn says:

    As far as the whole presidential thing is going…I’m not sure WHAT’S going to happen. The polls are whacked for sure & the main stream media is biased to the left big time. So where does that leave us? It’s hard to really know where John Q. Public is going to land on Nov.4th. My respect for the intelligence (or lack thereof) of the voting population in this country declined significantly after seeing “Slick Willy” re-elected in 1996. It seems that these days the self centered interests of the general public win over what serves the preservation of the country and it’s moral culture. The possibility of the beginning of the end for our country as we’ve known it is absolutely frightening. End times a coming? Could be. Definitely INTERESTING times for sure. Glad there’s hope beyond the self serving leadership we’ve come to know in this country. I’m not throwing in the towel but given world history and the current global situation, as for me, I’m looking up and ultimately counting on the future that God promises Christian believers.



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