Aug 20 2008

Clarence, Barack, Clarence, Barack…. Clarence! part two

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Continuing to point out the surpassing silliness of Obama criticizing Thomas’ preparation to be on the Supreme Court, the commentary swells.

Obama is such a rookie. Does he think about the responses that people are likely to make to his assertions? His ability to “look ahead” and consider possible objections, and employ some foresight in how he makes his points, seems severely restricted.

The Clarence Thomas comment is classic Obama. How could it not occur to him in advance that whatever accusations he makes of inexperience on Thomas’ part would also apply to Obama?

Answer: messiahs are always young, so normal standards don’t apply. I think he genuinely believes himself to be in a different category. He is captive to his own press releases and self-image, and it blinds him to the obvious until the words have already left his mouth.

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  1. enharmonic says:

    I just read on an AOL article that the belief that obama is a muslim simply won’t die. I did a search and the Wikipedia article on Obama really clears up alot for me on what his background really is. Seems he attended a Catholic school in Indonesia and was registered as a Muslim. Supposedly this was because his step-father was one. After reading about Obama’s mother, though, I’m far more concerned about the influence she had on him than on the Muslim thing. She makes Hillary Clinton look like a right-wing conservative.

  2. harmonicminer says:

    It seems clear Obama is not a Muslim, though he had about a year of training in it as child in a madrassa or Islamic school. I think he’s just a good old fashioned very Left politician, working through the (infamous) Chicago Democrat political machine, pretending to be something new and different. I think his choice of church was probably mostly politically calculated… and it worked, right up until he needed to appeal nationally.

    I really don’t think any rational person who bothers to investigate can conclude that he IS a Muslim, or has been since childhood.

  3. harmonicminer says:

    Besides: messiahs CAN’T be Muslims.

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