May 28 2006

The Left and the Right

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Here are some quotes from the online presence of the Communist Party and the NAZI Party in the USA:

Communist Party USA Online -: “A Call to Action: Defend Democracy, Change Congress in the 2006 Elections!
by CPUSA National Committee, 03/10/2006 15:11
The Bush-Cheney Administration has plunged our nation into the worst Constitutional crisis since the Civil War. The abuses of power they have committed are legion: an illegal pre-emptive war, lying to Congress and the people, warrant-less spying, mass incarceration of innocent people here and around the world, torture, corrupt no-bid contracts with crony corporations like Halliburton, criminal negligence in abandoning the victims of Hurricane Katrina…”

The American Nazi Party: “The year is 2025, White people HAVE become a MINORITY in America. On our streets hang Aryan men who refused to accept the ‘New Way,’ or perhaps they just looked too White. Perhaps they never thought MUD RULE would really come.
White girls who refuse the advances of Negroids, are publicly gang-raped so as to serve as examples to other shuddering Aryan females. Children are now taken from their houses, by force, to be brought up in a ‘Multi-Cultural’ home of Negroids, Arabs, Muslims and Gooks, all in the name of ‘brotherhood and love’…

And yet, some fight back! Alone or in small cells, Aryans…men and boys…but most of all women who stand the most to lose, since the decline of real men among the White Folk, strike back…at night and with any weapon near at hand.”

Aryan Attack (a publication of the National Socialist Movement, a NAZI organization):
“A nation’s economy dramatically influences the daily lives of all of its citizens. Today we suffer under a greed based Jewish economy. From the Jew Alan Greenspan, who heads the nation’s financial decision making body, the Federal Reserve, to the average sheeple who’ve bought into the Jew lie of Wall Street swindler and Jew Ivan Boesky that “greed is healthy,” altruism and the good of the whole is a dead thought. What’s important in today’s society is greed and its accompanying individualism. “It’s all about me” is the prevailing attitude.

In sharp contrast to this self-centered destructive worldview is National Socialism. National Socialism offers the only long term workable economic system. And it’s proven. When the world was suffering through a terrible economic depression, National Socialist Germany was not! What made the Nazi economy work, while the Jew based economies of the rest of the world failed?”

It’s pretty common to talk about the Democratic Party in the USA as “the left” and the Republican Party as “the right”.

From where I sit, it looks like the Democratic Party is attuned to the very, very far left, the Republican Party sits in the center, and their is no mainstream party on the “right” at all.

Click the links above. Read the sites. Notice how much Democratic rhetoric closely follows the Communist Party, and how distinct Republican rhetoric is from the NAZI Party.

Draw your own conclusions…

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